about [ relay ]

The mission of [ relay ] is to offer carefully considered biblical perspectives on in­-the-­trench topics of the Christian life. It is our desire to help Christians find their reason — their reason for a life of bold faith, grace, and service.

Our contributors include members of Worldview Academy’s top-notch Faculty of Theology, along with other gifted Christian thinkers & members of the Worldview Academy team.

meet our editorial team

 | editor-in-chief

Brandon attended the first leadership camp in 1996 as a student. He returned as a staff counselor, then became a faculty member, camp director, and Associate Executive Director of Worldview Academy. He received his B.A. in Philosophy from Hillsdale College and his M.A. in Historical Theology from Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis, MO. Brandon, his wife, Liv, and their five children live in Midland, TX and enjoy traveling, reading, and spending lots of time together.

 | associate editor

Never a Worldview Academy student, Hannah “came late to the party” as a Discipleship Staff member in 2013 — and never left. After completing a degree in English and Journalism, she began serving as Communications Director in 2014. Passionate about content creation, Hannah merges writing and design as a part of Worldview Academy’s marketing team. In addition to managing social media, she helps connect biblical thinking with everyday life as a contributing writer and Associate Editor of [ relay ], Worldview Academy’s online journal. A born-and-raised “Okie” girl, Hannah travels with camp during the summer and spends the “off season” working on both sides of the Red River.