By Isaac Griffin

Isaac attended camp as a student in 2008, and, since then, has served five summers with Worldview Academy as both a staff member and staff director. Within Worldview, Isaac has seen the Body of Christ work beautifully and, through its ministry, he wants others to know that Truth is real and God's love is not merely an idea, but a reality lived out through His people. A relocated Texan, Isaac currently lives in Cañon City, Colorado where he serves full-time with Worldview at the Abbey as Male Discipleship Director.

The Right Kind of High


A Note from the Editor-In-Chief: At Worldview Academy Leadership Camps we are not fans of the traditional “camp high” experience. Just like we are not fans of camp “fluff.” Instead everything we do serves the purpose of deepening the student’s understanding of the Biblical worldview. Our students often experience an emotional  “camp high,” but we…