By J.F. Baldwin

Jeff Baldwin is the Research Director and a founder of Worldview Academy. He has served as the humanities chair for Providence Classical School in Spring, Texas as well as Headmaster at Steadfast Classical Academy in Colorado. Jeff also served as the creative editor for Understanding the Times by David A. Noebel, and co-authored the Understanding the Times curriculum. He is the author of numerous books including "The Deadliest Monster" and "Twelve Trademarks of Great Literature." Jeff is also the general editor for Worldview Academy’s website,, providing guides that help educators teach a classic work from the Christian perspective; works range from Homer’s Odyssey to John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Jeff’s articles have appeared in World, Teachers in Focus, and New Attitude, and have been broadcast on Charles Colson’s radio program, Breakpoint. Jeff and his wife, Linda, and their three children live in Colorado.

The Hobgoblin


As we age, we grow disillusioned. The man who has seen the world has misplaced his trust time and again, and becomes calloused about relationships.  But perhaps it is not only our trust in men that is misplaced; perhaps it is also our faith in reason and rationality. Are our worldviews coherent and consistent? Or…