By J. Mark Bertrand

J. Mark Bertrand is a “major crime fiction talent” according to the Weekly Standard, which compares his three novels––"Back on Murder," "Pattern of Wounds," and "Nothing to Hide"––with the work of Michael Connelly and Ian Rankin. Mark’s nonfiction book "Rethinking Worldview" is taught in university and seminary classrooms, and is the basis for a number of his lectures. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Houston, and has lectured on theology and culture for more than a decade at Worldview Academy. Mark and his wife Laurie live in South Dakota.

An Answer to Fear


The triggers vary, the question remains the same. You’ve probably asked it yourself: What are we going to do? A political set-back, a cultural catastrophe — we have to do something, and quickly. Time is running out. And if you are raising children in this culture, the sense of urgency is acute. What are we going…