By Micah Gibson

Micah Gibson has been involved with Worldview Academy since 2005 as a student, Discipleship Staff member, and guest member of the Faculty of Theology. He graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee in 2012 with a bachelor's of arts in history, and has taught at middle school and high school levels for Steadfast Christian Classical School. Micah joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 2014 and currently serves as faculty at the Worldview at the Abbey bridge year program in Cañon City, Colorado.

What Does Your Rest Tell the World About God?


“AYE AYE, GUNNERY SERGEANT!” my buddy screamed. It was after midnight and I was standing duty at Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. Earlier, my friend had been trying to study in his bed. He had failed, and was now propped up, with his notes in his lap, fast asleep. He continued to scream…