By Brandon Booth

Brandon attended the first leadership camp in 1996 as a student. He returned as a staff counselor, then became a faculty member, camp director, and Assistant Director of Worldview Academy. He received his B.A. in Philosophy from Hillsdale College and his M.A. in Historical Theology from Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis, MO. Brandon, his wife, Liv, and their five children live in Cañon City, Colorado and enjoy hiking, traveling, reading, and spending lots of time together.

Signs You Might Be Insane


“Everybody knows that Christianity is stupid.” The social elite love to snicker, “We’ve moved on, we’re smarter than that. Everybody knows that there is no ‘truth,’ only culturally contextualized value-systems. How could anyone believe such nonsense.” But they have us all wrong. Christians do not believe in truth. As if “belief” were a passing preference.…