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A Note from the Editorial Team of [ relay ]: At Worldview Academy Leadership Camps, the greatest college-aged staff in America pour into the next generation of servant leaders. These young men and women serve as Christ-centered, “kid loving machines,” and while it is the hardest role at camp, it is also the best role at camp. The following piece was revised by our editorial team, but it is based on a true appeal written by a past staff member to his best friend — and it embodies why our Discipleship Staff look back at their experience as the best summer of their lives. Learn more at!

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Hey, man!

As you know, I’ve been encouraging you to apply for a staff position at Worldview Academy. You would be awesome at it, so I want to explain the heart of this ministry to you. But before I tell you what Worldview is, I have to tell you what it isn’t.

Worldview Academy is not your typical summer camp. We don’t have electric guitars, lights, or loud speakers for worship, and we don’t have paintball or ropes courses or lake activities. We do have lectures . . . But these  lectures aren’t your typical “feel good talks” about Christianity. They inspire and equip students to become solid Christlike leaders. And they provide some of the best training in leadership, worldviews, and apologetics you will ever get (I can testify to this first hand).

We also have staff—amazing staff like you—who push students out of their comfort zones. We challenge the students to think. To think hard! And then to act. We even guide them on an evangelism excursion during the week. It’s a huge blessing to see nervous teens grow in their bold witness for the Kingdom. With God all things are possible!

Then there are the students themselves. Sure, there are always a few who don’t want to be there and some who think they’re just too cool for camp, but sometimes you get to be a part of God’s plan to change their hearts. Most of the students, however, come to camp because they can’t wait to grow in Christ and lead like him. These are the students you will be encouraging and pouring into. These are the students you’ll be guiding and learning alongside. These are the students that make staffing so amazing. There’s nothing like it!

Truthfully though, Worldview Academy is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. You don’t get to “have fun” with the students in typical camp activities. Instead, you get the daily honor of laying down your life for the students in your small group and showing them Christ. It may not be fun, but it’s one of the most satisfyingly joyful things I’ve ever done.

If you choose to serve, God will push you farther than you ever thought possible, and the only way to get through it will be by complete dependence on Him . . . You’ll see Him move and change lives. You’ll learn more than you thought possible. And you’ll make some great friends because you will live and serve with other staff who are mature and committed—just like you.

I really think Worldview Academy will change your life. You’re my best friend, and I would love to share a summer of Worldview Academy with you!

. . . you get the daily honor of laying down your life for the students in your small group and showing them Christ.

Apply to serve with us and learn more, here!

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Worldview Academy is a non-denominational organization dedicated to helping Christians to think and to live in accord with a biblical worldview so that they will serve Christ and lead the culture. Learn more about our Leadership Camps where students become bold leaders in truth and grace at at!

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  1. This is really good! I’m about to share it on my facebook and tag the people I think would be great for staffing. Keep it up!

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